Event Pandora Sunday Sessions on the Sand @ Bambu bar bistro - Sunday, 19th January 2014

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WHEN: Sunday, 19th January 2014
WHAT: Pandora Sunday Sessions on the Sand
WHERE: Bambu bar bistro
LOCATION: Melbourne

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About This Event

Get your body moving with a Sunday afternoon dance on the

Kick your shoes off and feel the sand under your feet.

Feel the fresh sea air and sun on your face.

Dance to the water's edge and watch the beautiful sunset,
while you dance to 3 channels of live DJ music.


Experience Silent Disco on the beach with fun the whole afternoon -  for all ages.


6 Epic Events - January 19th, February 2nd, February 16th,
March 2nd, March 16th & March 30th

5:30pm – late


Venue: West Beach Bathers Pavilion Corner of Beaconsfield Parade and Pier Rd St Kilda

Ticket info at www.partyhigher.sproutix.com.au

   What is Silent Disco?

Each person is provided a pair of high quality stereo
headphones, allowing them to adjust their own volume to their liking and also
choose between three DJ’s/Music channels, at just a flick of a switch. It’s
exhilarating, fun and unifying. It appears as if people are dancing to silence
but then you hear some of the crowd start singing and others start humming to a
different tune they know and before to long everyone is dancing and having a
blast – the crowd just love it!!!


Normally at a party/event/club if you did not like the music
you would sit this song out but now with Party Higher Silent Disco, you would
flick to see what was playing on the other two channels and continue to dance.

Party Higher has developed high powered transmitters that
allow attendees to utilise the whole house/venue or outdoors up to a radius of
500 metres.

The other great, fun thing is that people lose their
inhibitions with headphones on and start singing to the music.

It’s also groovy seeing all the Party Higher headphones
light up (Blue, Red & Green) depending on what channel they are on.

You will love it - come try it out.

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