Interview Stonebridge

WHO: Stonebridge
WHEN: 7th Jan 2005
INTERVIEWED BY: Paul | getanightlife

The Interview Stonebridge

So, who are you and where are you from?

[Stonebridge] I'm StoneBridge, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.

getanightlife has been watching with eager anticipation at how the house music scene will grasp your disco/commercial style. We've been lucky enough to experience for ourselves just how well your debut single 'Put em high' has done in the UK, Australia and USA since Mark Doyle sneeked us a preview in Thailand way back in Feb 2004. How do you feel now knowing that its been a world wide success?

[Stonebridge] It feels great to be the artist myself, especially after having done countless remixes for other artists. Seeing the single being released in 29 countries is a good feeling in the quest to put house on the map.

Where was the first night on the decks?

[Stonebridge] My sister's graduation party in Stockholm 1983.

How did you meet Therese?

[Stonebridge] I remixed one of her singles.

Do you think 'Take me away' will be even bigger that 'Put em high'?

[Stonebridge] Maybe, but I never look at music that way. I'm happy to get the recognition for my work and I have never done tracks with charts as a goal. The timing of this project has been perfect and Take Me Away might have a better chance to go further than Put Em High since it rides on the success of it.

What does working with Hed Kandi mean to you?

[Stonebridge] They're a great label and they give me full artistic freedom. They also gave me a chance to do this album and it wouldn't have been the same album on another label.

Who's gonna be this years most exciting artists in House music?

[Stonebridge] My fellow Swedish friends; Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso are doing some seriously cool stuff now, but there are more; Jupiter Ace and the Gossip boys to mention a few.

Who would you most like to work with?

[Stonebrige] I have worked with a lot of singers and fellow producers over the years and it has been a really good experience. I will start on my next album later this year and I will have a look and see who's interested in collaborating. One singer I have always loved is Mica Paris.

What is your favourite club worldwide?

[Stonebridge] Tough call, but Family in Brisbane and Home in Sydney are great clubs. Sankey's Soap in Manchester is rocking too as is Ruby Skye in San Fransisco.

And your favourite all-time track?

Another tough one. I'd say Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony

So what do you think is best thing about being a DJ?

[Stonebridge] You get to see the world, do what you love and getting paid for it.

Talk us through how you see 2005 going for Stonebridge...

[Stonebridge] I will tour even more than 2004, my label Stoney Boy will be relaunched. There will be new projects and remixes and I will start on the next album.

What's the baddest thing you've done since being a DJ?

[Stonebridge] I never do bad things, way too Swedish and organised.

On a more personal note we have been asked by a couple of clubbers to find out what your DJ fantasy is, care to tell all?

[Stonebridge] My own proper party in Ibiza in a good club. That's one of my goals.

In your opinion who's the greatest Hed Kandi DJ?

[Stonebridge] Wohoo, that is difficult... In a way I'm not a Hed Kandi DJ (just an artist) so it can't be me ;-) They are all good at what they do and they get the crowds jumping every time.

How did you get involved with Hed Kandi?

[Stonebridge] They used a lot of my older stuff on 'Back To Love' and I was asked to play at their party in Miami 2002. Then I was offered a residency at their London night (first Rouge and then Pacha).

Who would you most like to remix one of your tracks?

[Stonebridge] It would have to be Hott 22 or Live Element.

You've accelerated fast as a DJ and now that you're quite well established the future is looking very bright for you. But do have any advice for any budding Stonebridges'?

[Stonebridge] I have gotten more recognition lately, but I have been a DJ since 1983. My advice is: Keep at it and never give up. Promote yourself with e-mail charts, mix CD's to promoters, labels and online, even play for free just to get your name around, always work with the crowd, but with your music - don't be a snob.

Can the UK or Australia expect to see you at any festivals this year? If so when and where?

[Stonebridge] It's too early to tell. I did a few last year so I'm confident I will do a couple in the UK. I will definately come back to Australia at least one more time this year, can't get enough!

Who's your tip to rock 2005?

[Stonebridge] Axwell of course!

Tell us something we don't know about Stonebridge?

[Stonebridge] I'm only one person, I don't have a team, I do everything myself except bookings and management. I love DVDs and my old school Benz (500 SEC) and espresso (consuming passion).

Finally, now you've had your first house floor filler in the UK - What's your next goal?

[Stonebridge] Haha, easy: Get another one! ;-)

Interview by Paul | getanightlife

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