Interview Trentemoller

WHO: Trentemoller
WHEN: 23rd Jun 2008

The Interview Trentemoller

Do you have any special Pacha memories from down the years?

Yeah, last year was a big experience to play with Pete tong, since he has helped me a lot, pushing and playing my debut album 'The Last Resort' and many of my remixes... such as remixes for Moby, Royksopp, The Knife and Pet Shop Boys. It was really fun finally playing with him.

When did you first visit the club?

It was 3 years ago, together with DJ T.O.M. I used to play the keyboard live and he would DJ. So I am really looking forward to playing this year because I am the DJ now and I find a lot of joy in doing that. It's different than just playing the keyboard.

Do you find yourself playing in any way differently when you are here at Pacha?

When I play other clubs I tend to mix in some more punk disco or electro with a rock'n'roll attitude, however, the Pacha crowd are more up for 'straight' dance music/techno. On the other hand it's also fun to challenge the audience a bit, and I still think that I will mix in some of my edit’s and bootlegs this summer too. hee hee (-:

How do you see the scene in Ibiza 2008?

Pure Pacha will be my first trip into Ibiza this year so lets see. Again, I'm just looking forward to partying at pacha and playing some good music!

Do you have an all time favourite 'Ibiza record'?

It must be Jaydee's 'Plastic Dreams'. An all time classic, and the track still works on the dancefloor! I love it!

What is your perception of the Pacha crowd?

A good party crowd that is very dedicated to dance music.

How do you think Pacha is still going strong after over 30 years in business?

30 years?? That's amazing!! It's really cool. Must be some of the oldest clubs in the world still rocking! Wow!

What can people expect from your gig?

Good quality music, energy and a lot of my own edit's and bootlegs!

How is the rest of the year looking for you?

I am working on my next studio album right now. I am bringing my laptop and a keyboard with me to Ibiza so I can work while I'm here on the beautiful island for the next 10 days. I am working a lot with mixing real drums, guitars and strings with electronic sounds. I also use my band members a lot more than on The Last resort album. Then I'm off to Japan and Australia to DJ. In September I am off to New York to work further more on the album. I love that city, it's always inspiring to be there.

Could you give us a big track for you this summer?

For me right now I love playing the track 'Nomads' by cle in the Mathias Tansmann remix! It’s huge! And I'm also playing my brand new remix of Modeselector feat. Thom Yorke 'The White Flash'. It will be released in 3 weeks.

And some quick-fire questions...

Dancefloor or VIP? Dancefloor

Dress up or dress down? Both!

Beer or wine? Beer

House or techno? Techno

Sunrise or sunset? Both!

Vinyl or CD? CD

Sea or sand? Both!

Now or then? No doubt : both!!!

Home or abroad? Home but abroad is also inspiring...

Heads-down or hands-in-the-air? Heads-down if we are talking good shoe-gazing indierock, hands-in-the-air on the dancefloor!

Interview by IMD DJ

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