Interview Vision Four 5

WHO: Vision Four 5
WHEN: 18th Sep 2008
INTERVIEWED BY: Jade Dunwoody | getanightlife

The Interview Vision Four 5

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us and answer a few questions in anticipation of your Brisbane and Sydney performances next month.

It’s been a long time since your last major performance as Vision Four 5, what you been up to over the years?

NOEL: We have all pursued our own careers, I have focused on studio based activities, producing other artists, mastering, musical direction for events and currently scoring a cartoon!

BEN: I run the Boiler Room at the Big Day Out.

After all that time has passed, what do you think it will feel to be back on stage?

NOEL: Probably fairly similar to what I remember, hot, bright, loud.

BEN: It will sound better than it used to.

Vision Four 5 was and is recognized for its immersive and interactive live performances. Do you think your performances in Brisbane and Sydney will follow your trademark entertainment flair? Are you doing anything differently or tempted to try something completely new?

NOEL: The show has always represented the musical and visual technology of the day without losing focus of presenting an entertaining experience... So essentially it is the same ethic, just the gear is much much much smaller.

BEN: We are certainly using new technology these days. I can't imagine trying to produce these shows with the equipment we used to use!

What is it that you looking forward to most about performing in Brisbane?

NOEL: Seeing lots of the old crew, both DJ's, performers and hopefully a plethora of punters all grown up now (or not!!!)

BEN: Capturing the feeling of coming home.

What can us club-goers expect from your performance?

NOEL: Heat, Lights, Big bada boom.

BEN: Hit after hit after hit.

The interactive component of your live performances set you apart from many bands during the 90's. In respect to this, what do you think of the music industry today?

NOEL: Lightweight... Seriously though the opportunity of presenting new forms of entertainment through utilization of technology was and is very exciting and whilst the tech has advanced massively since then, the forms of entertainment are still mostly splintered into art and entertainment until you get to a very high level of production like daft punk and the chems.

This technology resides in eveyone's home now in the form of massively powerful computers, you just need to apply them.

BEN: The promise of 90's technology - to change the way music and video is performed - hasn't been realised. This is evident in endless mixer-interface paradigms and trestle table DJ setups.

Unfortunately, though, intelligent uses of new interfaces are few and far between, and the audience doesn't respond to a clever tenori-on performance the way they do to a guitarist. 20 years on, we are still trying to educate audiences in the use of alternate musical interfaces.

What sort of visual and live systems will be used this time?

NOEL: The emphasis of this show is on interactivity of the visuals with the music, rather than us on stage like we used to. Powered by 2 computers and a range of controllers we are able to do away with the half ton of music and video gear.

BEN: We are custom programming musically responsive video using tools that 10 years ago would have seemed like magic.

What inspired you to enter the music industry in the first place?

NOEL: I don’t think I had an option, when you have an overwhelming vocation it would be foolish to fight it.

BEN: I was kinda hoping that I hadn't bothered entering it.

How has your music evolved since Vision Four 5 was formed?

NOEL: Less black notes.

BEN: I play less.

Vision Four 5 is said to still have an influence on the Australian dance music scene. What do you guys think of this?

NOEL: Generally I don’t, but that’s nice to hear, hopefully a positive influence.

BEN: What a lovely thing to say. Thank you very much.

Do you have any influences of your own?

NOEL: Many, but all aspects of life and art shape your output, it’s inspiration that will focus and drive it.

BEN: My family, Mostyle.

'Everything You Need' and 'Funkify Yourself' have been described by many as some of their favourite rave songs. How does it feel to know your songs are still regarded as all-time-favourite hits?

NOEL: Glad we had an impact and those 2 will definitely be in the set

With so many aspiring artists, bands and DJs out there, do you have any advice that you’d like to share about how best to tackle the music industry or at least make an impression?

NOEL: Do you own thing, build your own audience.

BEN: Take the scenic route.

Is the Vision Four 5 regrouping for Reunion Rave (Brisbane) and Back Again (Sydney) are you planning to make a come back? Can we expect to see more you in the future?

NOEL: hmmm if you hang out at playgroups you might see us a bit?! No come-back planned although it would be nice if some-one did a cover of a v45 song?!?!

Thank you, we at are all looking forward to hearing and seeing you live in Brisbane next month! 

Vision Four 5 will be headlining Reunion Rave @ The Met on Friday 10th October 2008.

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Interview by Jade Dunwoody | getanightlife

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