Interview TyDi

WHEN: 17th Nov 2010

The Interview TyDi

Congratulations on your Top 100 DJs entry… how do you feel about it? What does it mean to?
Thanks! I’m so excited to be in the Top 100 again this year. For me the Top 100 is a good indication of how supporting my fans are and it’s always encouraging to know that my fan base is growing each year.

Have you had a good year so far?
I’ve had the best year of my life! My worldwide radio show ‘Global Soundsystem’ has been running for almost a year now and it’s been growing very quickly. The show is broadcasted internationally each week and it’s been a great platform for overseas shows. I’ve also managed to produce loads of new tunes and remixes (with the little studio time that I have!) and the response has been incredible. I’ve spent more time this year in hotel rooms than at home so that’s always a good sign things are going well :)

How is life panning out for you?
Things seem to surprise me more and more every day. Life could not get any better for me at the moment. I’m very grateful for every moment and I’m in the best industry in the world. We should all be very thankful for that.

Any personal highlights / stories to tell…
One of my personal highlights of 2010 was working with an artist who I believe is the most talented and hard working producer out there – BT. When I was in high school I would study BT’s work and aspired to write music of that quality... he’s a genius! In 2010 we started working together on our own collaborations and for me, as a producer, this is probably the biggest personal highlight in my career to date.

Have you achieved everything you set out to do this year?
My goal is always the same thing, to produce better and more inspiring music with every song that I write. I think that in 2010 I have created my best work, so I’m very satisfied with where I am at right now. I’m currently working on my second artist album, which I will release in early to mid 2011. I couldn’t be happier with the album’s progress so far. The new album is very diverse and musical. I’ve composed and recorded music for full orchestral string sections, guitars and piano which all mix in perfectly with electronic parts of the album. There are lots of incredible guest vocalists on the album too. It’s a total hybrid of styles and ideas; I can’t wait to show you!!

What plans do you have for next year?
Management are putting together a 40 date world tour for my album at the moment. That’s definitely very exciting. I am also going to release a chill-out album completely composed on flights in between shows over the next couple of months. I love chill-out so it will be great to do something completely away from the dance spectrum.

Progressive house & trance.

I guess being the young guy who has to take the longest flights in the industry to get to all the big shows… Australia is very down under!

GIG OF 2010:
420 Festival in Los Angeles.

TUNE OF 2010:
‘Every Other Way’ BT feat JES

Chuck Norris, he certainly has the skills.

Best new club visited this year?
‘Gossip’ in Vancouver

Favourite non-dance album of 2010?
I can’t decide. Too many great albums this year.

Essential three suitcase tour items?
Macbook Pro, Rhode NT2A Microphone, Mbox – all essential for my radio show.

Which actor would play you in a film of your life?
That depends… do I get to spend a few ‘personal’ weeks with the actor so that they can ‘get to know’ me? If so, then I’d have to choose Scarlett Johansson :)

Best thing about being a DJ?
Traveling to new countries and watching crowds react to my studio creations.

Best end-of-the-night tune?
Haha it always changes. Every day I’ve got a new best finishing tune. At the moment it’s a re-edit that I made of ‘Glosoli’ by Sigur Ros.

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