Interview Jamie Vlahos

WHO: Jamie Vlahos
WHEN: 19th Apr 2011

The Interview Jamie Vlahos

Jamie mixed this specifically for this interview! Have a listen while you read

g: How has your year been so far? Any highlights?

JV:  This year has been awesome so far! I've picked up a couple of new residencies, played quite a few great guest gigs and a few festivals as well!

g: How about the rest of the year, do you have anything special planned?

JV: Nothing out of the ordinary, just the standard – I'd like to think that's special enough! I have Creamfields Melbourne next week and it should be a bit of fun!  (shameless plug)

g: How did you get started? What were your influences and what's kept you inspired?

JV: A love for music and a set of decks in my bedroom, along with a lot of hard work and countless hours practicing. My favourite artists would definitely have to be Steve Angelo & Axwell. They still influence me today, until you see them live, you have no idea on what you're missing - pure genius'!

g: You're obviously very well known in and around Melbourne; when did you first realise that things were getting big for you?

JV: Well, I don't know about this! You guys know me I guess - that's a start!

g: What do you consider as being one of your greatest achievements to date?

JV: Playing at the last few Stereosonic , Future and Creamfields Festivals ...

g: Everyone seems to have a nightmare as well!

JV:  I have a fear of losing my record bag. I just couldn't imagine having to burn all my CD's again! Everyone has come across a dodgy CD player, it makes the job really hard!

g: So what's next for you? Where do you see yourself within the next twelve months? Two years?

JV:  I'd like to venture overseas. Other than that, I'd like to just keep doing what I'm doing. I'd like to have written a few more records, we'll just wait and see i guess :)

g: What club or event have you enjoyed playing at the most?

JV:  Billboard Saturdays has been my favourite club gig for a very long time! Made in Melbourne & Future Music Festival were also amazing!

g: Is there a roof on how high you want to go or is the sky the limit?

JV:  I'm pretty sure I used "The Sky is the limit" in my bio so I'll go with that! Anything can happen if you want it bad enough!

g: Is there a specific Act / DJ / Producer out there that you have a lot of respect for and why?

JV:  Timmy Trumpet. Great DJ and he's not too bad on the trumpet either!

g: So when you aren't making people move what is happening?

JV:  I work @ Billboard where I look after our weekly club nights - Billboard Thursdays & Saturdays. I'm also Enrolled @ Uni. Awesome!

g: Have you secured any great gigs recently, like a residency, show or music festival?

JV:  I'm a resident at Billboard Saturdays, Saint Sundays, Billboard Thursdays and Edgy Wednesdays! I often play at Suite Fridays and The Jungle @ Tramp and am a guest at a bunch of other places from time to time.

g: Have you had the opportunity to take your work outside of Victoria? Tell us about it?

JV:  I have, but not as much as i would have liked.  Last summer on the Gold Coast was an amazing experience! A penthouse with 8 DJ's and 3 managers... do I need to say more?

g: Is there anything special you have been working on for a while now that we can hope to see soon?

Production-wise, a handful of originals and remixes, that I have written with my partner Rudi Nunes - look out for this guy!! I'm quite excited. Expect them to be introduced in the very near future :)

g: Where can we find more information about you Jamie?

JV: My full bio can be found @

g: Thanks for the interview!

JV: Thanks guys!! Keep up the great work.

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