Interview Beni

WHO: Beni
WHEN: 20th Apr 2011

The Interview Beni

Listen to BENI's mix whilst you read:

We caught up with BENI ahead of his 'Fifty-Four' performance at Never Land, Coolangatta for a brief chat about his new album...

What can you tell us about your forthcoming album?

It’s been about 2.5 years in the making, I have guest vocalists like Matty Safer (formally of the Rapture), Nomi (formally of Hercules and Love Affair) and lots more and some more collaborations but I have to keep some things as a surprise!

You have been doing a lot of DJ dates, having just wrapped up a US Tour. How have you been finding the shows? Has it been hard to find time to work on the album?

It's hard to work on the album when I am travelling overseas because I’m away from the studio, but in Australia it’s generally fine because it’s just weekends, the shows in America were great, Miami was so much fun

You were originally signed to french label Kitsune, and also to Modular here in Australia. Tell us how those relationships started?

[Yes], I was signed to Kitsune but not anymore. Now I am signed with Modular worldwide, with Kitsune I did a tour with them and a few months later when [the 'Riot in Belgium' Tour] finished they offered me a deal, I released 3 records with them and moved on...

I have always been affiliated with Modular, I guess good things take time.

Your previous production work has had a variety of styles, for example the techy track 'Maximus' that came out at the end of last year compared to a more disco centered track like 'My Love See's You'. Do you find it easy to switch up styles but still sound like 'Beni'?

Everything I do is a bit different, I guess it's how I like to make music, keeps it fun. I listen to all types of music and take inspiration from everywhere so maybe that has something to do with it.

What other big things are happening for you in 2011?

I guess we have to see how the album goes, I am guessing a lot of touring.

You can catch BENI up close and personal at Never Land for Fifty Four on Saturday 30th April 2011. Click here for full details.

Interview by Luen

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