Interview Misère (Dave Groszek)

WHO: Misère (Dave Groszek)
WHEN: 20th Apr 2011
INTERVIEWED BY: Jessica | Major Label 2011

The Interview Misère (Dave Groszek)

What’s the story behind the name, Misère? Is someone French?

While none of us are French we all have really different backgrounds. Joel’s Dutch, Ryan’s South African, and my background is Polish. We picked the name because we’re all pretty into French music (Daftpunk, Justice, Phoenix) and it’s a bit different. It’s got nothing to do with Misery…

What’s the age difference between the group members?
We were all born in 1989 so there’s not much difference.

There are four of you in the band, do you ever argue over your artistic vision?
When you put 4 individuals together with such a different musical tastes I think you’re bound to have some arguing. It’s all about compromising and figuring out what will sound the best, taking everyone’s ideas into account.

Any awkward moments on tour?
Well when we were in Melbourne last August I got out of the cab late at night after our gig and left Joel’s car keys in the cab – the car we were driving back to Brisbane. We never got them back and it ended up costing me $400 to get another set.

Dream collaboration?
There are so many. Daftpunk, Radiohead, Phoenix, Justice, Booka Shade, Royksopp, Miike Snow...

Moment in musical history you would like to replicate?
A 6am set from Woodstock or maybe Daftpunk’s amazing live set.

How did you all meet?
Ryan and Jordan went to school together and Joel and I went to school together. I met Jordan through some mutual friends and then we brought in Joel and Ryan to complete the band.

Ultimate tour destination?
Europe and the UK.

Tell us a little bit about what to expect from your live shows?
Our live shows are very passionate and exciting. You can expect a mixture of fuller epic tracks with some fun ones that will get the crowd jumping. We love the audience, and really bounce off their energy.

What inspires your lyrics?
Things that we’ve experienced in our lives so far. Most of the songs are about the struggle of a young person trying to find their place in the world.

How would you describe your genre?
We’ve been called so many different things it’s hard to keep track of. I think just think pop or dance pop probably would be best suited. We incorporate the pop structure into more dancy songs, but we also have songs that are a bit less club driven.

How did you hear about General Pants Co. Major Label? Did you submit your song into a store? Or were you scouted?
We heard about Major Label after our friends band The Belligerents had their single “these hands” signed to the label. The idea of having a powerful brand like General Pants pushing our sound appealed to us and was in line with our own synth pop sound.

In the past, musicians who signed to Major Record labels, often lost creative control and ownership of their craft, were you ever afraid of this?
Well this is something that has to be considered by every band and like everyone else we are forever changing, creating a new sound and finding our passion so it is nice to know we have full control over our direction whatever that be.

What do you think the benefits of artists signing to a ‘single only’ rather than a three album deal are?
Well obviously that we have freedom and control, we can work together to create our achieved goals and we are now transient as artists.

How are you going to use the platform of your ‘Single’ deal? What are your plans for the next two months? 

This new single deal enables us to gain more exposure and awareness through the one single ‘Natural Feel’ which we think truly represents our sound so we are looking forward to a bigger fan base that we could have achieved ourselves. Looking forward to the coming months we have more singles to record and some great shows to play including an intimate show at our EP launch at Barsoma in Brisbane and again at Elsewhere on the Gold Coast. I guess our biggest goal for 2011 would be to play at Splendour in the Grass or be added as a local feature act at Brisbane’s Laneway Festival. After playing Parklife and Summafieldayze we can’t quite get rid of the festival taste and think this is where we truly shine as a group.

Interview by Jessica | Major Label 2011

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