Interview Camden

WHO: Camden
WHEN: 5th Apr 2011
INTERVIEWED BY: Jessica | Major Label 2011

The Interview Camden

What’s the story behind Camden?
We’ve yet to outline a solid story with a beginning, middle and end. We currently exist at the beginning, ACT 1: four slender young men have fallen in love and formed a musical group. Together, with the help of Camus, and Oscar Wilde; they will hopefully create a new wave of lyrical bands to come out of Sydney, pick you up from the doldrums, give you reason to use your brains once more and fall in love again.

Tell us a little bit about how you all met?
We all met in Sydney mid 2010. Unemployed and widely out of favour from society, we bonded over puns, pricks and progressive politics. Not to be outdone by flip flops and V-necked t-shirts we decided to form a band, to hopefully help us one day escape from Sydney.

As a group, do ever argue over your artistic vision?
The drummer is from a heavy metal background, the bassist played folk music, the guitarist lives for jazz; and I have a peanut allergy. We’re from vastly different musical backgrounds; however we mostly fight over each other’s choice of clothing.
Any awkward moments on tour?
None, I don’t fancy any of the band members, or the band’s members either.

Do you have a musical moment in history you would like to replicate?
whatever romantic music was being played while the students revolted in Paris, 1968.

Ultimate tour destination?
A muddy field, during the Glastonbury festival. Gadaffi Duck’s tent or Ronnie Scott’s in London.

Tell us a little bit about what to expect from your live shows?
Expect from a live show, four groomed misfits, who feel the need to molest your conscience. Hopefully we will conjure up the feelings to dance, drink, laugh and most importantly, think.

What/who inspires your lyrics? Are you trying to convey a particular message?
Depression, isolation, alternative thoughts, Wong Kar Wai and Chris Doyle etc.
There is a good reason comedy and tragedy are so closely linked; we offer grains of hope.

How would you describe your genre?
Independent Pop-Poetry, the sound is a mixture of guitars, detachment, dance beats and pop-poetry.

How did you hear about General Pants Co. Major Label? Did you submit your song into a store? Or were you scouted?
We’re not quite sure to be honest; an anonymous donor dropped our name to person at the office. So thank you, whoever you are.

In the past, musicians who signed to Major Record labels, often lost creative control and ownership of their craft, were you ever afraid of this?
Our music isn’t ground breaking new material, so therefore I don’t see us running into this problem. However to answer the question properly, the most interesting bands have come from independent labels, I.e. Rough Trade, Warp, Domino, Modular and XL Records.
We could only dream of having a relationship with one of labels in the future.

What do you think the benefits of artists signing to a ‘single only’ rather than a three album deal are?
Single labels are able to promote new up and coming bands without the fear or losing too much capital, they are the stepping stone between French champagne and a Suburban house wine.

How are you going to use the platform of your ‘Single’ deal? What are your plans for the next two months?
We wish to gain as much exposure as we can, we want to form a small clique of like minded creative individuals, who can not only contribute to Camden, but help us progress and make the task of existing slightly easier.

Interview by Jessica | Major Label 2011

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