Interview Mr Magoo

WHO: Mr Magoo
WHEN: 26th Apr 2011

The Interview Mr Magoo

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g: How has your year been so far? Any highlights?

MJ: It's been an exciting year so far, i've played at some great events and some awesome club nights, but the highlight would definitely have to be playing the close set on a stage at the Future Music Festival Melbourne in March. Playing at an event that over 40,000 people attended and next to artists like The Chemical Brothers, Steve Angello, The Presets etc was an unbelievable experience.

g: How about the rest of the year, do you have anything special planned?

MJ: I'm currently in the middle of organising my second international tour towards the end of the year. Last year I toured Thailand alongside Timmy Trumpet and John Course and played some awesome gigs at some unbelievable places like Beach Republic, Green Mango and the infamous Nikki Beach. I'm hoping to go even bigger and better this year so we'll have to wait and see where I end up!

g: How did you get started?

MJ: I've been involved in music since I was in Primary School, and have grown up trying different instruments. But it wasn't until high school that I became obsessed with dance music and began spending all my spare time searching for new tracks and remixes while everyone else was content with radio hits. I began djing the year after high school in 2007 and played my first club gig the next year in 2008. Since then my career has flown past in a blur and i'm now into my 4th year behind the decks, but I still enjoy each new gig like I did my first.

g: You're obviously very well known in and around Melbourne; when did you first realise that things were getting big for you?

MJ: It takes years to create a real name for yourself in this industry. I don't see myself as a 'famous' or 'big named' dj, but I think the jump from pushing to get myself gigs, to being booked regularly for guest spots at different venue's/events was when I realised that things were starting to work out.

g: What do you consider as being one of your greatest achievements to date?

MJ: I think to still be djing, still enjoying it and doing reasonably well with it is probably my greatest achievement. Djing has become such a fad for so many young kids who have clogged up the industry for years now, and many decent DJ's have given up and dropped out because of this. So to battle through the tough times and still be behind the decks 4 years later is, in my opinion, quite an achievement these days.

g: Anything embarrassing to tell us?

MJ: I remember (vaguely) playing a late set at a club one night, and after countless drinks during the hours before I was busting to go to the toilet. The song only had a few minutes remaining but I couldn't hold on, nor could I make it to the toilets in time so I had to bail out the fire exit behind the decks, and 'may or may not' have let it rip in the stair well. The only problem then was the door locked shut behind me and I had to run up the stairs into another venue above and back around to the front door of the club to get back in. After some record breaking stair climbing I made it back to the decks with 15 seconds to go.

g: So what's next for you? Where do you see yourself within the next twelve months? Two years?

MJ: Alive, still djing and with a functioning liver would be a great start. But hopefully my production work takes off, and helps me progress my djing to a level high enough to bring some even bigger opportunities my way.

g: What club or event have you enjoyed playing at the most?

MJ: Eve Nightclub has been my longest residency so naturally I’ve had some great nights there. But I’d have to put a few of my sets at Billboard right up the top. Playing at an infamous venue like that to almost 1,500 party-goers is something not many DJ's get the chance to do at all, let alone regularly!

g: Is there a roof on how high you want to go or is the sky the limit?

MJ: Anyone that is djing for the right reasons shouldn't really be able to put a limit on how far they want to take it. I think if you love what you’re doing, have sacrificed enough and really believe in yourself then why wouldn't you want to go as high as the opportunities you get can take you?

g: Is there a specific Act / DJ / Producer out there that you have a lot of respect for and why?

MJ: I have a lot of favourites and would struggle to choose one. However with the industry turning so commercial I have plenty of respect for young producers like Hey Sam and Jesus, who are consistently bringing out some great house tunes and fighting against the majority of clubbers to bring back some good music in Melbourne clubs, as opposed to the current radio hits getting played out each week.

g: So when you aren't making people move what is happening?

MJ: I play football and like to keep reasonably fit, so I spend a lot of time at training or in the gym trying to burn off the drinks from the previous night or weekend. Apart from that most of my time is spent on my computer organising gigs, downloading music, and looking through Facebook photos to find out what state I was in the night before...

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