Interview Hey Sam

WHO: Hey Sam
WHEN: 4th May 2011

The Interview Hey Sam

Have a listen to Hey Sam's set @ Revolver while you read the interview!

I met up with Sammy for a beer and burger recently and it became clear to me very quickly how much drive this guy has. He moved from country Vic to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (completed). Picked up a guide on basic DJing and is now running his own Label 'Jump To This' with a sub- label coming "Jump To Funk'. Jump To This is consistently producing great music with other DJ's. So far 14 artists have recorded with Sammy under JTT and he is always looking for more talent it seems. He has multiple reputable residencies across Melbourne. Also a weekly radio show with Kiss FM. He is respected by everyone around Melbourne but also seems to have a great respect for people in the industry and a real love for the music. His passion for music especially House, is strongly obvious when talking to him or just listening to any of his Sound Cloud releases. Better yet just get along to one of his sets. Sammy says that he loves house because "House is original and not out dated, it's always fresh." Getanightlife are looking forward to seeing more Productions from Sam and JTT.

-- Adam Chant

g: How has your year been so far? Any highlights?

SH: 2011 has been awesome for me so far, I've picked up a few new weekly residencies at venues that I have wanted to play since I started djing. My record label 'Jump To This' has seemed to gain a lot of interest especially in the last few months and I've picked up a heap of new studio tricks from keeping busy with that.

g: How about the rest of the year, do you have anything special planned?

SH: In terms of djing I hope to keep getting my name out there a bit more with some guest spots and holding down regular residencies. Solid plans are for the record label is to expand with a goal of 10 releases by the end of the year, some larger international artists on board and also some one off parties.

g: How did you get started?

SH: I think I started late compared to most djs I know, I'm from the country so was never really exposed to any proper dance music until I was 18 when I moved to Melbourne for Uni. I started going to clubs and getting really into dance music through the ministry of sound compilations. I liked the idea of djing so bought a djing for dummies book, some dodgy second hand turntables and it all started from there.

g: Do you still have the same influences as when you first started?

SH: The music that I'm playing now is totally different to what originally got me into djing but I think over time tastes change and mature.

g: You're obviously very well known in and around Melbourne; when did you first realise that things were getting big for you?

SH: I don't know how big things are just yet, but it's been a good feeling to be booked for gigs from a musical point of view rather than for a ticket selling job. It's hard for new DJ's to get past the promoter DJ role in the Melbourne scene and something I was never good at.

g: What do you consider as being one of your greatest achievements to date?

SH: I think getting my record label accepted by would have to be one of my biggest achievements .I had previously launched the label and released through other online stores but being accepted by Beatport made the label feel official. They have strict criteria for accepting new labels and it wasn't an easy process.

g: Anything embarrassing to tell us?

SH: Every DJ has good sets and bad sets, I've had a consistent problem in the past of ejecting the wrong CD when playing resulting in silence on the dance floor. It's happened a few times at peak moments too. I haven't done it in a while but saying this I'll probably jinx myself for this weekend.

g: So what's next for you? Where do you see yourself within the next twelve months? Two years?

SH: To keep building my name up, focusing especially on production and improve on that. I'll plan on this being my full time focus for at least the next two years, so as most DJ / Producers would say international tours and releases on huge labels would be the goal.

g: What club or event have you enjoyed playing at the most?

SH: Until early this year I had never played at Revolver, the venue is iconic around Melbourne for quality music; they basically don't put shit DJ's on there. I've now locked in a weekly Thursday residency and have been booked twice for one off events by two separate crews that have a lot of respect around Melbourne.

g: Is there a roof on how high you want to go or is the sky the limit?

SH: There's definitely no roof, there are so many directions to go with it. I think it just takes a lot of persistence, hard work and a small touch of luck and I want to give it a solid crack.

g: Is there a specific Act / DJ / Producer out there that you have a lot of respect for and why?

SH: There's plenty, with each for different reasons. A local DJ that I have a lot of respect for is Anyo, he just seems so experienced and knowledgeable in house music. I once saw him play his style of underground music to a completely commercial crowd and he had them all jumping. A local producer would be the dude I make a lot of tunes with Jesus Loyola, he throws sounds together really well and although like me feels there is heaps to learn he has a really good ear to what sounds good.

g: So when you aren't making people move what is happening?

SH: I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing but I can't really think of anything interesting that I've done recently outside of this. Running the record label, producing, the radio show (KISS FM) and a few nights a week DJing has pretty much taken up all of my time.

g: Have you secured any great gigs recently, like a residency, show or music festival?

SH: A few months ago I secured a weekly radio show on Kiss FM, Jump To This Radio 10.30am-12.30pm I’m also keeping busy with some sweet weekly residencies at the moment Tuesdays @ Match Bar, Thursdays @ Revolver, Fridays @ Bimbos and Baroq, Saturdays @ Pretty Please

g: Have you had the opportunity to take your work outside of Victoria? Tell us about it?

SH: Not as yet with DJing, that is always the goal to work towards. In terms of production I've had plenty of interstate and international feedback and radio play so hopefully keep getting more and more of that.

g: Is there anything special you have been working on for a while now that we can hope to see soon?

SH: I've been asked to do some remixes by other labels so hopefully there will be some releases coming out soon. For my label I've got two releases that are in the works at the moment which should be pretty big. I've also just launched a sub-label called Jump To Funk which is a little more focused towards funky house sort of tunes, that should mean a heap of extra music released in the future too.

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