Interview Frazer Adnam

WHO: Frazer Adnam
WHEN: 10th May 2011

The Interview Frazer Adnam

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g: It's been a big year for you so far with the festival work as well as the gigs you are playing around Melbourne. What are the bigger gigs you have played this year so far and how does it feel getting in the festival line ups?

FA: Yeah, 2011 has been awesome so far, I've had a heap of fun this year, and been lucky enough to play some really cool gigs. February I played @ The Green Mango and Bondi Club in Koh Samui, Thailand, then picked up a side gig on an island called Koh Tao (headlining AC Beach Club) which is one of my wildest memories to date. March I was fortunate enough to return to Miami on a similar tour to last year. On the way there I played at the infamous spring break pool party @ Oasis Cancun, Mexico, which was like nothing I had ever seen before. Then once we got to Miami I played @ Automatic Club South Beach, for the Winter Music Conference, and Jacksons Terrace in Tampa, FL . Both of which are insane parties! Since I've returned, I've been fortunate enough to play Silent Disco @ Future music Festival & Creamfields in Melbourne. My head hurts just thinking about those parties…  [laughs]

g: That sounds amazing Frazer! We have a bit over half the year left, do you have anything special coming up?

FA: In terms of gigs, I'm heading off on tour to Thailand again in August with the Stafford Brothers, Timmy Trumpet, John Course + a bunch more. The Stafford's are filming their Reality TV show on the tour, and we have gigs locked in at Thailand's most infamous spots, Including Nikki Beach, Beach republic, Green Mango, Ark Bar and more - that should be wild! (get on board guys!) I've also picked up a gig in Bali on the way home, which I'm pumped for, as I've never been there. Overall though, I'm getting stuck into my production a lot more, and hoping to get some bigger tracks out this year!

g: You've come a long way. Tell us about how you got started? What were your influences and what's keeping you inspired today?

FA: As an MC! [laughs] My mates were good DJs, but lacked the confidence to talk at parties. I used to get paid a small amount to attend parties and talk on the mic while they had all the fun. When the opportunity arose to buy their old equipment off them, I did, and have been hooked ever since! I've always been super passionate about the music, so I guess that influenced me. When I would find a track during the week, I couldn't wait until Saturday to share it with my mates! I guess the same theory keeps me inspired today for both my DJing and production! I also gain aspirations from artists that you can see their sheer passion for music, and watch them get lost in it. ie Loco Dice and Steve Angello.

g: In April you were sitting #13 in the Aria Charts and #1 on the Velcro Records 'Top Downloads'. They are great achievements. How are you feeling about all this and your rising status?

FA: Yeah, I was in complete shock with the support that the those particular tracks were getting, but at the same time was proud to see that remix sitting at #1 on a label like Velcro!  Velcro hosts artists like Tiesto, David Guetta, Robbie Rivera and more, it is a feeling I can't describe! In terms of the ARIA charts, that was always a huge goal of mine to place a remix in the ARIA's, so I was so happy when I was able to watch that pack and my remix grow its way into the charts! Since then I haven't been able to stop, I'm so inspired to write and more!

g: You're obviously very well known in Melbourne and now Australia wide; when did you first realise that things were getting big for you?

FA: I think it takes a long time to grow a big reputation in Melbourne/Australia, something that needs to be chipped away at a lot before you can be considered big. So I don't see myself as any of that yet. But I guess once I started signing a couple of remixes to labels, which have gone reasonably well., got some great bookings outside of Aus, and got a place as a DJ on the voting board for the ARIA charts, I felt things were starting to take a step in the right direction.

g: What do you consider as being your greatest achievements to date?

FA: Would definitely have to say the couple of tracks spoke about above, they are a real inspiration for me to write more. I've been really proud to play my overseas bookings, and gigs in the Melbourne festival circuit too! On top of that, making it out of Billboard alive every week, I think that's an achievement in itself. [laughs]

g: Have you played many sets where nothing seemed to be going right but you still had the crowd moving?

FA: I think its super important for a DJ to play to the crowd, and, have a bunch of ammunition in his/her record bag. I've had a few gigs where I've gone in planning for the crowd to be expecting something, ie house, when really the reaction come from the more techy tracks and vice versa. In those instances, it's not what you're expecting, but as long as you've got a strong collection, it usually works out!

g: So what's next for you? Where do you see yourself within the next twelve months? Two years?

FA: I'm really putting my focus into my production this year. I hope that in the next few years I'll be able to write more tracks which move through the ARIA Charts, and work well for the labels, and I hope to keep growing myself as an artist through the music I love!

g: Do you have a favourite club or event that you have played? Why is that?

FA: Event would have to be Aussie invasion @ Jacksons Terrace, they host about 4000ppl, and headline people such as Loco Dice, Starkillers, Sayeed Unan and Umek, so they have a genuine love for Tech house! I loved it because I could play a style of music I love, that I had never been able to play anywhere else!
Billboard Saturdays in Melbourne is my favourite club, hands down. It's been My longest running residency, going on about 3 and a half years now. The sound and lighting show is like nothing else in its league, and it packs with well over 1000 music lovers, week in week out! I always have a blast.

g: Frazer is fast becoming a big name. What other big names would you love to play alongside? Is there anything coming up people shouldn't miss out on?

FA: I'd love to play alongside someone like Steve Angello, or Richie Hawtin. Both are people that inspire me by how passionate they are when performing. You can witness the way they get lost in what they are playing! So if you ever see either of these guys on a banner, cancel your plans!

g: What do you do when you aren't in the studio producing or on stage playing?

FA: I'm a foodie, and love a good party, so I like going to check out different places to eat, and am likely to end up at a bar or clubs as a result… even though I tell my mates 9/10 times that its just a quiet meal…  [laughs]

g: Is there anything special you have been working on for a while now that we can hope to see soon?

FA: I'm just finishing off 2 new remixes now, which I'm feeling good about, one for Timmy trumpet, and Tenzin from Sydney, and my second release for Velcro Records. Fingers are crossed for them and both be released within the next month or so! On top of that I've written quite a few originals that I'm playing, but haven't done anything with yet, so would be cool if I could release some of them!

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Name: Frazer Adnam
Based out of: Melbourne
Twitter: @frazeradnam
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Interview by Adam Chant

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