Interview Chris Kelly

WHO: Chris Kelly
WHEN: 16th May 2011

The Interview Chris Kelly

Have a listen to tracks on Chris Kelly's Soundcloud while you read!

When I started writing artist interviews for getanightlife, one of the first people I thought to interview was Chris Kelly. I've known Chris for years and have always enjoyed the great mixes and tunes that he would pull together – new and old. While you read the interview, make sure you listen to his Soundcloud!

There is more to Chris than his mixes; those in Brisbane might be familiar with Chris' pale face after a couple of sleepless days leading up to Blah Blah Blah music festival. Blah Blah Blah pull together local, national and international acts and are extremely well received by thousands of music lovers down by the (Brisbane) River for an afternoon and night of dancing. A great memory that I have was it being ridiculously hot one minute, then, pouring down with rain the next… but everyone kept partying!

Chris is a big part of events around Brisbane like ADICTS and I have been along to a sneaker swap meet which had some local DJ's and Breakdance acts. He is doing great things in the community, loves his music and has a great amount of respect for musicians all over.

-- Adam Chant

g: Tell us about your 2011 so far and what's still to come

CK: I've landed a couple of new residencies and had the chance to support a few big names. I'm getting married in August which is pretty exciting, but as for gigs there are a couple of things in the pipeline! I'm looking to bring the DMC Championship back to Australia and we have begun planning for our annual music festival ("Blah Blah Blah at Riverlife"). So without giving too much away, I can tell you this years line up will definitely be a big one!

g: How did you get started? What were your influences and what's kept you inspired?

CK: I originally started "DJ'ing" at house parties when I was in year 11 and at high school. I was using a $150 Citronic DJ mixer and 2 'Sony Discmans' was a little rough, but you gotta start somewhere right? As for influences, it's really a mixed bag. I was originally drawn to turntablism from watching people like DJ Kilmore from 'Incubus' and guys like Qbert and the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, but also have a big love for Breakbeat and the likes of Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors, etc.

g: Do they still influence you today?

CK: Definitely still influenced by Qbert! Dude is amazing! Anyone looking to get into turntablism needs to check out

g: You're obviously very well known in and around Brisbane; when did you first realise that things were getting big for you?

CK: Things are big for me? I dunno if I would go as far to say that :) but I'm getting to play gigs around town with my friends, and meet new people every weekend!

g: What do you consider as being your greatest achievements to date?

CK: I think one of my greatest achievements is being involved with ADICTS and running 'Blah Blah Blah at Riverlife'. 36 hour days, bad weather, technical difficulties, but we came through in the end and delivered a great day for everyone.

g: Everyone seems to have a nightmare as well! Any embarrassing stories to tell us / not so ideal sets?

CK: Happens to the best of us, and especially now with nearly every DJ using a digital setup, technical hiccups are bound to happen. Getting to a gig after an hour long drive and discovering I packed the wrong cables and had no way to connect my laptop to the mixer is a favourite.

g: So what's next for you? Where do you see yourself within the next twelve months? Two years?

CK: Hopefully working on some of my / our tours, it's kind of embarrassing to say...but I've never been to Melbourne before! So would like to head down to Victoria and maybe even try my luck overseas.

g: What club or event have you enjoyed playing at the most?

CK: Current favourite gig was playing 'Breaks & Enter' at Barsoma last year with Marten Horger...he is just a great dude to hang out with. If you ever get a chance to go to one of his shows, do it! Have a beer with the guy and see what I mean.

g: Is there a specific Act / DJ / Producer out there that you have a lot of respect for and why?

CK: Where do I start? Qbert, Shiftee, Craze, Mix Master Mike, Rafik, Jazzy Jeff, Mick Boogie, DJ Clark Kent, A Skillz, Featurecast, Z-Trip, so many others! Brisbane locals are pretty impressive too - Slynk, Sampology, Charlie Hustle, Danny Cool, Ben Reeves, Cutloose, Rola D, DJ Sheep, Nikk C, and many many more.

g: So when you aren't making people move what is happening?

CK: Working for the man

g: Have you secured any great gigs recently, like a residency, show or music festival?

CK: Last month I've been playing Cloudland, Press Club, Alhambra, Uber, Kerbside and Barsoma. Also got called up to play 'Supafest' earlier this month...that was an experience!

g: Have you had the opportunity to take your work outside of Queensland? Tell us about it?

CK: Not recently unfortunately, things are little hectic here at the moment...but hopefully be able to visit some new spots soon.

g: Is there anything special you have been working on for a while now that we can hope to see soon?

CK: Always working on my scratching, it looks easy on youtube, but there is soooooo much practice involved!

g: Tech question, what hardware and/or software do you use at home or in the studio?

CK: Currently using Serato with an Akai midi controller for gigs and a similar setup for home with Ableton.

g: Anything else to say?

CK: Thanks for the interview! If you get a chance check out the ADICTS blog - - we are always posting new music downloads, giveaways and competitions, etc.

Chris Kelly, at a glance

Name: Chris Kelly
Based out of: Brisbane
Twitter: @anthrchrsklly

Interview by Adam Chant

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