Interview Polyfonik

WHO: Polyfonik
WHEN: 25th May 2011

The Interview Polyfonik

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g: You guys seem to be having a massive year. What are your highlights so far and why?

Christian - The biggest highlight for us this year has been our new studio. Its helped us so much having a place where we can come in any time and create without distractions in a comfortable environment.

g: We have just over half a year left. Any upcoming sets planned people shouldn't miss?

Christian & Theo - We don't think you should miss any of our gigs! There's always something different to each show and we put 110% into everything we do.

g: So how long have you known each other and how did you start working together?

Theo - Its been just over 5 years now since the creation of Polyfonik. Christian was looking for a dj to form a group with him that did a live show with electric guitar, bongos, vocals and Djing. We had a couple of sessions in the studio together and after our first gig we've never looked back.

g: The music is great! Who out there is a big influence for you?

Christian & Theo - We try to listen to as much different music as possible to get our sound as unique as we can. Our main influences would have to be Heavy Metal, Rock, Indie Dance and Funk. There are so many different acts out there that we love and draw inspiration from, Justice, Daft Punk, ELO, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Bloody Beetroots, Foo fighters and ACDC are at the top of the list.

g: I have seen a couple of sets around Melbourne. And looking at you band page the bookings keep coming. When did you realise things were getting big with Polyfonik?

Theo - Well we wouldn't say anything is getting big just yet, the gigs have started to pile up again because we came back from a 12 month rest from gigs to get everything up to scratch in the studio. The momentum really started once we gave it all a big push around March, getting some good remix work and playing at some great parties around town.

g: What do you consider a few of your greatest achievements to date?

Christian - Making a song from scratch to finish, including mixing it down and mastering. I never thought i'd be able to do that.

g: Any nightmare stories? Sets that just didn't go as planned?

A few years ago on NYD we played at Summadayze and Daydream. In between sets we decided to re-mix down a song of ours and for some reason we changed the tempo. We bounced the song without listening to it because we were in a rush and when we got on and opened with this particular song the vocals were completely out of sync with the music, all we could really do was laugh it off. Lucky there weren't many people at the party!

g: So what's next for Polyfonik? Where do you see yourselves within the next twelve months? Two years?

Christian & Theo - We have quite a few things planned for the next 24 months. We have just signed on with a manager and together we have set a fair few goals and places we want to be. I guess you'll have to just wait and see.

g: What is the best set you have played to date? Do you have favourite places to play?

Christian & Theo - We will both hold heartedly agree that the last Made In Melbourne has been our best gig to date. We really came out to show everyone that we are back and the energy we got back from the crowd was overwhelming!

g: You keep releasing new tunes. I'm a big fan of old school so your Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit Rework has had a lot of play as well as the live set you did at Made in Melbourne. Do you have a favourite remix? Something you are really proud of.

Christian - The Nirvana mix is also a favourite of mine, but i like anything with rock in it. Im proud of all of the tunes we have put out, each song marks a moment in our journey.

g: What Act / DJ / Producers are out there right now that you have a lot of respect for?

Christian & Theo - We have massive respect for anyone out there that's in this for the love of music and who are willing do to whatever it takes to make their mark.

g: What is happening when Christian and Theo are not being Polyfonik?

Christian & Theo - We'll let you know when that happens.


Polyfonik, at a glance

Name: Polyfonik
Members: Christian and Theo
Based out of: Melbourne
Booking Agent:

Interview by Adam Chant

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