Interview DJ Sarah Robertson

WHO: DJ Sarah Robertson
WHEN: 11th Aug 2011

The Interview DJ Sarah Robertson

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g: How has your year been so far? Any highlights?

SR: My year so far has been overwhelming! In the last 12 months, after being chosen as one of the 16 Playboy Bunnys and resident DJ to open the Playboy Club Macau, I've found myself living in China, returning and touring Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the USA. I can't wait to rip it up DJing at the Playboy Mansion, LA in a few weeks time (

g: How about the rest of the year, whats coming up that you want everyone to know about?

SR: I've just been chosen as one of the 10 finalists for the SHE CAN DJ A + R Project, female DJ search throughout Australia and New Zealand. It's such an honor to be associated with EMI and the ambassadors involved, not to mention the other talented 9 finalists. Check out the finalists at: . In the next 3 months, Ill be touring Thailand alongside the Stafford Brothers, John Course and Timmy Trumpet. The end of August will see me headlining at the Playboy Mansion alongside Steel Panther and Sasha Gray, then returning to Australia to continue my Australian Tour.

g: So how did you get started? What were your influences? Whats kept you inspired?

SR: I've played the violin since I was 5 years old until I was 18. Music has always been such a huge part of my life so making the transition from classical to electronic was a predictable move.

g: Who still influences you today?

SR: DJs/Producers/Groups who have and continue to inspire me include: Massive Attack, Moby, Daft Punk, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Tiesto to Swedish House Mafia, Martin Solveig, Sasha, Digweed, Groove Armada, Justice, Fatboy Slim, Benny Benassi and Avicii.

g: Sarah you have a big name around Australia, and with the Playboy Mansion gig coming up you are earning yourself a lot international notoriety. Hows it all feel? Are you getting a chance to stop and breath or is it all go-go-go?

SR: It's definitely all go-go-go. Im hoping in the next 3 weeks, Ill have a chance to stop and rest (even if for a few days!). At the moment, Im running on minimal sleep, multi vitamins, early hotel check out times and plane schedules. I dont think I would want it any other way though! Although, once back in Australia, I look forward to hitting the gym again and having a couple days off a week to catch up with all my friends.

g: What do you consider as being your greatest achievements to date?

SR: All the stepping stones in my life are just as important as the other. If it wasnt for completing my violin and music theory exams years ago, none of this would be happening! A lot of hard work has gone into my career. The highlight of last year was being picked to become a part of the Playboy family as a Playboy Bunny. This year, the highlight is being selected as one of the ten finalists of the SHE CAN DJ search as well as headlining the Rock The Mansion party at the Playboy Mansion. Who knows what else the rest of the year holds!

g: You re also model? What came first, the model or the music? And what is taking up the most time these days?

SR: I was modelling professionally 4 years prior to becoming a DJ. Although modelling came before DJing, starting music at the age of 5, obviously came well before modelling!

g: Whats next for you? Where do you see yourself within the next twelve months? Two years?

SR: It's hard for me to say! I definitely want to see myself in Europe! All I do know is that I hope to be well into producing my own sounds by the end of 12 months.

g: What club or event have you enjoyed playing at the most in your career? Why?

SR: I enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere at my support role at the Hed Kandi Pool Party at the prestigious Venetian in Macau with Stuart Ojelay headlining. I love pool parties and outdoor events.

g: Lets focus on the model side of you for a moment. You have appeared in FHM, ZOO and Ralph Magazines, and rate in the top 5 sexiest women on the Gold Coast. Is it all a dream come true, or are you finding challenges about always being in the lime-light?

SR: I guess this “lime-light” you re referring to is not something I went out looking for… I just did my own thing, and seemed to have received a lot of attention for it. I just be me and play the music I like, but I definitely appreciate the support I've been receiving.

g: Aside from the music and the modelling I hear you also support the charity Tell us about this charity. It sounds like a great organization. But how did it get your attention?

SR: My Life My Power is the official charity for the ROCK THE MANSION event at the Playboy Mansion that I am headlining at in August. Its an anti-bullying charity with the goal of empowering kids to live a healthy, successful life and overcome the crises that are plaguing todays youth. Its about the youth of today creating their own paths in life despite any negative aspects influencing them.

g: When you are not being a Playboy Bunny, DJ Goddess, what is happening in the life of Sarah Robertson?

SR: Other than a lot of packing, and rushing to airports? Ha. There's not much time for much else! Generally a lot of my spare time goes into working on my own tracks… but when is summer in Australia, you will see me by the pool or beach on a near daily basis!

g:Do you have anything in the mix after Rocking the playboy Mansion? Where can we find you after August?

SR: Ill be continuing my Australian tour. For a lot of September, I will be in Western Australia! I will also be in Darwin (headlining alongside Hook N Sling, TV ROCK, Bombs Away, Tom Evans & Seany B at VIBE FESTIVAL) The finals for the SHE CAN DJ search are at Ivy on the 14th of September, where you can see myself and the other 9 finalists rocking the decks aiming for the prize of an EMI contract, Production Course and Ibiza Tour!

g:When can we hope to see DJ Sarah Robertson gracing our Australian shores again and more importantly when can we hope to see you tour down south to Melbourne to make us move?

SR: I just played at Fusion at Crown Casino. It was a fantastic night! I dare say I will be back there soon.

g:Is there anything special you have been working on for a while now that we can hope to see soon?

SR: I've been working on my own sounds which I hope for the public to hear by the end of the year!

g:Tech question, what hardware and/or software do you use at home or in the studio?

SR: I use CDJ 2000s, DJM800 mixer and USB/hard drI've. In the studio: Abelton. Headphones: Technics, Pioneer or Beats by Dre (depending on the sound system/gig).

DJ Sarah Robertson

Name: Sarah Robertson
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Interview by Adam Chant

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