Interview Jane Daffy

WHO: Jane Daffy
WHEN: 24th Aug 2011

The Interview Jane Daffy

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g: How has your year been so far? Any highlights?

JD: Honestly! One word.. BUSY. This year has gone past so quickly I can barely believe that it's August. Between djing, working & studio time I guess you could say that this year has really rolled past quickly. Highlights from this year would probably include playing at some really cool parties & possibly the collab of 'Subdivide' my new production label with my studio partner Ben Daffy.

g: How about the rest of the year, do you have anything special planned?

JD: Right now I am focusing predominately on studio time… About to release a string of original singles under Subdivide . Which is really cool for us. I am also off to Europe in a week which I am looking forward to. It's summer over there now, so I am looking forward to doing some laid back beach gigs & having some time to relax in the sun. When I get back home it will be full steam ahead with gigs & I'm looking forward to some more interstate gigs...

g: How did you get started? What were your influences and what’s kept you inspired?

JD: Well I guess music started for me from a young age. But in terms of Djing. I picked up my first vinyl around the ripe age of 18, around 7 years ago now. I had friends who kindly introduced me to the electronic genre & underground clubbing. During this time the electro/house scene had taken off & I must say after spending some time in morning recoveries listening I was strongly influenced by homegrown Djs Boogs, Spacey , Nick Thayer & Sunshine, who were pushing sounds similar to that of Switch, Tiga, Soulwax, Justice & LCD Soundsystem sometimes mixed with a hip-hop influence. I remember one morning being at a renown Melbourne underground club and I actually stepped up on a chair at the back of the dancefloor to watch what was happening in the room, it was that insane I had never seen anything like it! The crowd was literally bouncing almost tribal-like to this electro set & the response from the partiers was phenomenal. I'm pretty sure after seeing that set I started mucking around with turntables and fell in love with electro/house.I also had an older Dj sibling in my family who at the time overseas. The second he got home I hassled him to train me up. A short time later I had a bar residency and so on. My influences are so diverse now.. But I'd have to say Paul Kalkbrenner he is a creative genius! Steve Lawler, Mark Fanciulli, Alex Kenji, Ben Watt, Justin Martin, Round Table Knights, Trent Mollor, Ricardo Villalobos , Joris Vorn, Oliver $, D-Nox & Beckers & Stanton Warriors. In terms of being inspired.. I hear music everyday that keeps me inspired.

g: Do they still influence you today?

JD: These dudes all play and/or produce some amazing music… So yeah I am always inspired by hearing their work. Old and new.

g: You’re obviously very well known in and around Melbourne; when did you first realise that things were getting big for you?

JD: Um. Argh! I don't really think of it like that. I guess you just put your head down and work really hard and hope that respect follows. When it does, you don't feel any different. Just appreciated & that other's can see how hard that we work. That's always nice. Being a female in the industry has it's ups and downs. You tend to get categorised as a 'female' Dj and pushed to play lots of female orientated nights. I personally don't like the gender bias Dj category that is happening at the moment. Who gives a flying f*ck if I am a male or female? At the end of the day I am an artist and my music speaks for me… Nothing else. The high point for me is probably having kids come up to me and tell me that my set has made their night… Or influenced them in some way or other.

g: What do you consider as being your greatest achievements to date?

JD: For me, any gig where people are loosing their absolute s**t on the dancefloor to your music is one of the most insane feelings. Playing at Rainbow Serpent Pool Party has been a highlight for me because that is one of the best underground festivals. Also I have had the privilege of supporting some really cool international acts who are my biggest influences Steve Lawler, Ewan Pearson & Stanton Warriors.

g: Everyone seems to have a nightmare as well! Any embarrassing stories to tell us / not so ideal sets?

JD: Hahaha Yes everyone seems to have these at some stage.. Hmm. I guess for me growing up and Djing have gone hand in hand. So has partying. I can say that when I was a younger I was more inclined to think my mixing was a lot smoother after a few drinks. Let me re-instate that for dramatic effect… A LOT of drinks. So Wrong! So learning your limits & your abilities was the key for me growing up. Other than that I have been a few embarrassing stories.. But one's your ears will never be blessed to hear thank-goodness!

g: Whats next for you? Where do you see yourself within the next twelve months? Two years?

JD: Were looking forward to playing more gigs interstate & internationally… Hopefully just playing & producing music. As for Subdivide, we are concentrating on evolving our sound .Most of all I plan to work hard & hope the rest follows as a natural progression. Of corse enjoying a few good parties along the way!!

g: What club or event have you enjoyed playing at the most?

JD: I can not pick one alone! I have been lucky to have some amazing residencies over the last few years. Room680 was my first commercial club residency & a very supportive one, which was a great building block. Not to mention Brown Alley, who throw some of the hottest underground parties. And also Lab22 crew who I have worked with over the past couple years between Wah Wah Lounge & Esco Bar. Wow those kids are always up for a party! And I have been fortunate to club spot at a lot of different clubs which is great because I get to move around a lot too.

g: Where do you want this to go for you?

JD: I don't think it's a matter of where I want it to go. I will keep doing what I love to do as long as it makes me happy. To be successful doing something I love that makes me happy is a dream alone. In terms of my success… I am extremely driven… that's in my nature. And I am prepared to work hard and take it as far as possible.

g: Is there a specific Act / DJ / Producer out there that you have a lot of respect for and why?

JD: Yeah of corse.. Steve Lawler is probably my number one live act & inspiration. I've seen him play live many times internationally & in Australia and his sets are always so diverse . I also have a lot of respect for Paul Kalkbrenner… His music is so dark & emotive , which shows the true artistic brilliance in his production.

g: So when you aren’t inspiring movement, what are you getting up to?

JD: Apart from my weekend night-life work I also work during the week full time in fashion. I try to fit in partying a little when I am not behind the decks, enjoying my nights catching up with close friends and often some couch time with my trusty HBO series… I like exercise, eating out and all the usual things

DJ Jane Daffy (Subdivide Djs)

Name: Jane Daffy
Based out of: Melbourne, Subdivide DJ's (Jane Daffy, Ben Daffy)

Interview by Adam Chant

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