Interview Frazer Adnam

WHO: Frazer Adnam
WHEN: 22nd Nov 2011
INTERVIEWED BY: getanightlife

The Interview Frazer Adnam

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g: Last time we chatted you were not long back from an international tour, this time around you've been at it again. Tell us about Thailand Fraze!

FA: Thailand was WILD! I love the culture over there, the food, and the people we toured with! We ended up playing about 7 parties in 10 days, including day parties @ Nikki Beach, The green mango & The Black Moon beach party! The Stafford Brothers & Timmy Trumpet were filming their reality TV show on the tour, and we had about 125 Aussie partygoers travelling on the tour from back home. It was a heap of fun to say the least! My head still hurts!! HAHA

g: We've seen a few remixes coming from you recently, "Horny" comes to mind. How did that come about?

FA: Keep it G rated mate... haha. Yeah, I'm putting most of my focus into that side of things at the moment, and having a heap of fun with it. Finished my remix of "Horny" which was released on Onelove for the Sydney lads Timmy Trumpet & Tenzin. It ended up hitting #5 in the ARIA charts, alongside remixes from bombs away, Chardy & Tune Brothers (GER), which I was pretty stoked with. Also released remixes in the last couple of months for Mobin Master & Pedro M on Safari Records which is currently about #22 in the ARIA charts , Posse of Lunatics on 3am Jam records, & a few other projects here n there! All-in-all, I'm really enjoying the production element of it all!

g: Word on the street is that you've been keeping busy with a pretty big Remix, what's going on there?

FA: Yeah, I just polished a remix last month for Inaya Day, which she chose to release on her personal label, based in new york, called NY-O-Dae records. I was really happy to have an opportunity like that, as a lot of her early stuff shaped my opinion on house music!

g: With all that going on, have you found the time to work on any original productions?

FA: I have actually, I've just finished one off which I'm awaiting a vocal on. All going well I'll hopefully be able to get that out and about before summer hits! (Fingers crossed)

g: You're a bit of a foodie! Have you tried anything special recently that you'd like to hook us up with?

FA: 3 words... Oriental Tea House. If you haven't been, cancel your plans and get there... it's ridiculous!

g: I noticed that you're now working with Say Wat! How has that been?

FA: Yeah sure am, I just signed with them as an agency which has been a heap of fun so far! A guy called Danny is managing the bookings there. They have a really great concept for their artists, so looking forward to working with them from here on in! Any enquiries hit up

Frazer Adnam, at a glance

Name: Frazer Adnam
Based out of: Melbourne
Twitter: @frazeradnam
Booking Agent:

Interview by getanightlife

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