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WHO: Feenixpawl
WHEN: 6th Sep 2012

The Interview Feenixpawl

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g: 2012 is coming to an end fast. What has been the highlight/s of this year for you guys?

F: Yeah its been insane. So many highlights! Obviously one of the biggest highlights was signing In My Mind to Axwell's label. I'll never forget when we got the email back from him saying that he wanted to sign it. Also hearing it being played at Madison Square Garden for the Swedish House Mafia gig was a huge moment. Gig wise it would have to be Paradise Club in Mykonos. We absolutely love playing there. Nothing like a packed, open air club with beautiful weather.

g: Have you got anything big in the works for the final 4 months of 2012?

F: Yeah we have a bunch of new stuff coming out. We just finished a track with Adrian Lux and we are back in the studio with Ivan Gough doing a couple more tracks. Plus we have our next single with a singer named Quilla coming out around October/November.

g:No doubt you have been asked this before so here we go again. How did you come up with the name Feenixpawl?

F: We always used to make up different stories about how we came up with the name, but it became difficult to come up with interesting things to say. The truth is Phoenix is Aden's middle name and Paul is mine, so we decided to change the spelling and make it one word. We just wanted something unique that meant something to us.

g: I believe you guys are from Melbourne. Do you have a favourite place you like to perform in particular in Australia?

F: We have so many places we love playing. We generally have a favourite in every city. Platinum in the Gold Coast is right up there, as well as the Met in Brisbane and HQ in Adelaide. In Melbourne we made a name for ourselves at Onelove at Prince of Wales, so even though the night isn't running anymore we still love going back to Prince to play.

g: What do you love about house and electronic music in general?

F: The emotion it can invoke. I don't think anything beats standing up on stage and playing a huge track and seeing people's hands in the air. All kinds of music can have that effect of course, but house music for us has a certain energy thats so unique and uplifting. Its addictive.

g: I note that you boys have garnered international support from some big names such as Tiesto, Avicii and Kaskade. Who is your favourite international DJ and what is it about them that appeals to you?

F: We've always been fans of Swedish House Mafia, getting to work with Axwell was a dream come true for us. We've been fans of his stuff going back 8 or 9 years now. They all love to party and exude plenty of energy during their sets. The most fun I've ever had watching a set was probably Daft Punk though. That tour was amazing. I think its the fact that they're so, I guess, mysterious, and their music was so ahead of its time. Really draws you in watching them live.

g: Towards the end of 2011 you teamed up with Ivan Gough from TV Rock and singer Georgi Kay to produce "In My Mind" an epic and emotional big room tune. Tell us a bit about your time spent working in this team and how the hit single "In My Mind" came about?

F: We originally brought Georgi to Melbourne to work on a different project but we thought we'd take her to Ivan's studio as well to throw around some ideas. Aden played her a little chord progression and she just felt it straight away. She wrote the lyrics to In My Mind in a matter of minutes and we all just clicked at the same time and smashed out the track pretty quickly. We all looked at each other and felt we had something pretty special on our hands.

g: is a great track and always sends the crowd wild. What is your opinion on the Axwell remix of "In My Mind"?

F: Well its not too dissimilar from the original, but he managed to put his Axwell brilliance on it. Really made it sound a lot bigger. He has a knack for that...

g: Have you managed to secure any gigs at festivals for the upcoming Australian summer?

F: Yeah we are playing the national Stereosonic tour. So we are really pumped for that. Getting to tour with guys like Avicii, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Laidback Luke etc. Its going to be one hell of a party.

g: Where do you guys see yourselves or hope to be in 10 years time?

F: Hopefully still doing what we love. Making music and entertaining. We don't have any specific goals really except that we want to get bigger and better and still stay true to making music we enjoy that hopefully others can enjoy too.

g: Where can we find out more information about Feenixpawl and your upcoming gigs?

F: We have a website, but the best places to stay up to date would be our Facebook and Twitter. and

Thanks for the interview guys. I hope everything continues to go well for you and wish you all the best!


Name: Feenixpaul
Based out of: Australia

Interview by Josh Smith

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